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Executive Director

Mary Beth Baumgardner graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor’s degree in Education and Therapeutic Recreation, and has 26hrs towards her Master’s degree in Moderate/serve Intellectual Disabilities. Mary has worked in the field of intellectual development since 1976, as well as working with other programs like First Steps, MPW/SCL, DCBS, ABI, and Vocational Rehabilitation. Mary has held many titles over the years starting with direct care, case manager, case management supervisor, Program Director and now Executive Director/Case Manager at AFY. Her main passion/focus throughout the years has always been on the services and care of everyone she serves while making a difference in their lives.



Program Director

Shannon Nichols has a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. She has worked in the SCL/MPW  field since 2001. Upon graduating from Morehead State University in 2001, she did direct care in which she worked in the Day Training program prior to getting promoted to Case Manager. Shannon also has experience with SGF. Shannon currently holds the position of Program Director and Case Manager Supervisor as well as has a full caseload. Shannon is very passionate about helping others.



Case Manager Supervisor

Crystal Allen has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She has worked in the SCL waiver field since 2001. She spent her first year doing supported employment, and working a direct care position in two staffed residences as she finished earning her degree. Upon graduation from Morehead State University in 2002, Crystal accepted a promotion to Case Manager. In 2008, Crystal got promoted again to Case Manager Supervisor. She continues to hold a supervisory position while additionally carrying a case load. Working in this field has been a lifelong passion for Crystal.



Case Manager Supervisor

Jessica Tipton graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a Bachelor’s degree in the College and Health Science. Jessica has been working with individuals with intellectual disabilities since 2004.  Jessica has experience with First Steps, Michelle P. Wavier and Supports for Community Living waiver. Jessica currently serves a Case Manager Supervisor, while maintaining a full case load.  Jessica is a strong advocate and has a passion for helping others.



Case Manager

Hillary Brett has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She has worked in the SCL/MPW field since 2011. She spent her first years working in a direct care position at staffed residences, supported employment, and community access as she finished her degree. Hillary accepted the position as a case manager in 2015. Hillary has enjoyed working as a case manager and hopes to continue working in the DDID field for many years to come.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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